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GRISLY Salting The Earth [CD]

GRISLY Salting The Earth [CD]

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GRISLY are the natural continuation of PAGANIZER after Dennis Blomberg left the band in 2014. Rogga Johansson and Dennis wanted to continue making music together and teamed up with local drummer Henke Lundgren to keep the death metal flame burning. In the spring of 2018, the band signed to Xtreem Music for their debut album, The Spectral Wars, with cover art by renowned artist Juanjo Castellano.

Rather than simply turning to "mainstream" Swedish death, Grisly are more into a slightly nastier, more depraved sound in terms of groove and melodies. These rather raw influences were borrowed from bands like Autopsy, Asphyx and Benediction, but since this is a representative of Swedish death metal, the melodies typical for it can't be missing, of course.

After Håkan Stuvermark from the legends WOMBBATH and Nicke Ohlsson from Leprosy joined the band in 2021, they recorded the now present album "Salting the Earth" with this new line-up for a new release via Xtreem Music. Compared to its predecessor, the sound dives a bit more into the depths of the Swedish underground. Once again, typical melodies meet the dirty, nasty attitude of the predecessor and mix into a catchy and abysmally heavy neckbreaker, which was produced in Wombbath's own Nostagica Studio.

Rogga Johansson - Guitars/bass/vocals
Håkan Stuvemark - Lead guitars
Nicke Ohlsson - Drums

01. By Inferno's Light
02. Dying Like Dogs In Winter
03. Mutilator
04. Wickedness That Lurks Within
05. Skymningssonaten
06. Salting The Earth
07. Mexico (Reign Of Bullets)
08. Last Days In Fear
09. Driver
10. Souls Last Caress
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