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MONS VENERIS Untitled EP 2021 10" MLP [VINYL 10"]MONS VENERIS Untitled EP 2021 10MONS VENERIS Untitled EP 2021 10
MONS VENERIS Untitled EP 2021 10" MLP [VINYL 10"]
MONS VENERIS Untitled EP 2021 10
MONS VENERIS Untitled EP 2021 10

MONS VENERIS Untitled EP 2021 10" MLP [VINYL 10"]

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Stan produktu: Nowy

Cena: 89,90 zł

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Limited and hand-numbered red 10"mLP

Alongside labelmates IRAE, MONS VENERIS are one of the oldest names in Portuguese black metal – and also one of the most prolific. Feverishly so, in fact, driving deep into the delirium that only they know, MONS VENERIS’ recordings are many and varied; from dungeonic chaos to hysteric thrashing to even haunting minimalism and plenty of ritualistic points in between, the mysterious entity always keep the legions guessing.

Such is the case with their Mons Veneris 10” EP. Comprising two 10-plus-minute side-long tracks, MONS VENERIS’ latest conjuring from the void tells a tale that takes two different paths, and both equally challenging. On Side A is “Ritual of a Neverending Doom,” which slowly and eerily builds around creepshow organ and tribal drums, the tortured voices and guitars animalistic but far from fully improvisational; in fact, the directive is clear here, hypnotically gnawing at the listener, and mental meltdown is assured. On Side B is “A Scythe Infested with Plagues…,” hypnosis begins with a filthy, clanging pulse and then downshifts into an equally filthy march laced with no small amount of misery and melancholia; that that misery & melancholia then transform into wounded melodicism is surprising…or perhaps not, given the band’s always-defiant nature.

Despite the Portuguese Black Circle's demise, its embers are forever stoked by MONS VENERIS as they present a new torch for self-immolation!

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